Moch Figuren Kalender
Schaufensterpuppen Kunst Kalender
Zeitgeist und Lebensgefühl aus der Perspektive von Kunst und Ästhetik, das ist das Thema des diesjährigen Kalenders. Die 12 Fotos mit Schaufensterpuppen von Moch sind ein Kultobjekt.


Moch Figuren Sonderposten
Unzählige Auslaufmodelle und Second Hand Modelle


Pressespiegel 100 Jahre Moch Figuren

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Moch Figuren und Toni Gard
chaufensterpuppen von
Moch präsentieren Toni
Gard im Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf


100 Jahr Feier Buch


Moch Figuren und Cebit
Schaufensterpuppen von Moch auf der Cebit



Display mannequins since 1907

Based in Cologne, Germany, Moch Figuren is the oldest manufacturer of display mannequins in Germany. There hardly is comparison in terms of choice of figurines, creativity and our broad range of products, which is constantly revised by our own design team.

Apart from decoration, we offer you solutions for stands, busts and torsos.
Next to commercial use, our mannequins also come in at trade shows as well as for private and cultural purposes.

For events, trade shows and fashion trade fairs in particular, you can rent figurines and decoration busts for your stand or happening.

We’ve got models which represent the latest in fashion as well as classical and traditional mannequins, which are for example used at engineering trade fairs or events at cultural institutions.

Additionally, we fabricate moveable models, including joints for arms and legs. These mannequins can be seated behind the steering wheel of a car, climb up a scaffolding, play in a band or have a drink at the bar, while looking absolutely lifelike. There is a lot more to come!

Moch Figuren Team, Cologne

RTL dreht bei Moch Figuren

Model Sarah wird als Schaufensterpuppe verewigt